Resources to strengthen inclusive local governance and stabilisation in Yemen

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Welcome to the local governance in Yemen resource hub. This hub contains resources on local governance across all Yemeni governorates

The resource hub is an initiative of the Berghof Foundation and PDF Yemen to collect and make available the scattered resources on local governance across all Yemeni governorates in one place. It provides granular information on a governorate by governorate level as well as offering options to search and browse a large collection of publications on de-facto developments and the legal framework of local governance in Yemen.

Strengthening inclusive and effective local governance in Yemen needs to be a joint endeavour between Yemeni stakeholders and international supporters and we hope that this resource hub can help inform new initiatives, better policy, and more effective programming. More

Featured resources on local governance

Changing local governance in Yemen: District and governorate institutions in the areas under Ansar Allah’s control

Report on the ways local governance is changing in the areas under Ansar Allah’s control. Focuses on Ansar Allah's takeover of local institutions, renewed...

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Rapid local governance diagnostic in Yemen

Rapid assessment of local governance situation in Yemen based on research in six governorates and 18 districts focused on current situation, including issues of financing UNDP Yemen conducted...

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Local Governance in Yemen: Theory, Practice, and Future Options

This paper provides an extended introduction to the intricacies of local governance in Yemen, covering the existing legal framework for local governance, the current practice, and future...

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Local Governance: Engine for Stability in Yemen

Challenges and Opportunities: Local Governance: Engine for Stability in Yemen This paper on the local governance experiment in Yemen seeks to review its past developmental stages and current...

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Beyond the Business as Usual Approach: Local governance in Yemen amid conflict and instability

Detailed study of challenges to local governance in Yemen and how local councils are coping with conflict. Includes case studies and recommendations. This paper serves...

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